Burpee Bounce Back Challenge

Burpee Bounce Back Challenge

It’s been a challenging year for us all, and most of us could probably use some help in bouncing back towards a more positive state of mind.

That’s why this October we’re asking you to join the Burpee Bounce Back Challenge – you can help your own mental health by increasing your physical activity, and help others by asking your friends and family to sponsor you with a donation towards mental health research so that young Aussies whose mental health isn’t going great can bounce back too.

Step one

Sign up HERE to bounce back with burpees.

Step two

Start fundraising by asking your friends, family and colleagues to support you.

Step three

Complete 1534 burpees over 17 days for the 1534 young Australians diagnosed with a mental illness every day. Don’t worry, you’ve got this!

Take the Burpee Bounce Back Challenge