Climate change affects youth mental health

Climate change affects youth mental health

9 September 2021

Orygen is calling for the impact of climate change on young people’s mental health to become an urgent research and policy priority.

Our latest position statement, developed with invaluable input from young people, outlines why it’s vital to acknowledge, explore and ultimately address this issue. 

We understand that reports highlighting evidence of the current and future impact of climate change may elevate young people’s experiences of fear, distress and climate anxiety.

Elevated and sustained levels of anxiety during adolescence and young adulthood translate into an increase in rates and severity of mental illness, including anxiety disorders and depression. 

We need to develop and deliver effective mental health service responses for young people affected by climate change, and support the efforts of all young people trying to tackle it. 

Orygen is in the process of gathering young people’s perspectives on climate change and how it affects their mental health and wellbeing.