Matthew Hamilton
Matthew Hamilton picture
Senior Policy Analyst and Lead, Health economics work-stream

Matthew Hamilton lead of the health economic work-stream and senior policy analyst at Orygen.

Matthew leads economic research that applies computer simulation modelling techniques to youth mental health. Computer simulation models are mathematical representations of the working of some system of interest, developed with the aid of computer software that are similar to but simpler than the systems they represent. Computer simulation models have been described as “thinking prostheses” for their ability to synthesise large amounts of information from diverse sources relating to complex systems and are increasingly used to inform health policy.

Matthew’s research applies these techniques to help identify better approaches to improving the resilience of young people as they journey into adulthood, to evaluate primary mental health care services for young people and to optimise the configuration, financing and workforce planning of youth mental health service systems. Through this program of research, Matthew aims to provide policymakers and service planners with novel tools and insights that lead to appropriately resourced, fairer and more efficient prevention and early intervention services that are closely aligned with the needs and preferences of young people.

Research Interests

Computational modelling, economic evaluation, health system organisation and financing, preferences.