Bridget Moore
Bridget Moore picture
Youth Advisory Council Member

Bridget is a queer individual who was born, bred and raised in Melbourne. They work casually at batyr and uses the power of storytelling to reduce stigma and encourage others to seek help. Bridget also studies full-time and volunteers when they can. Their lived experience of complex mental health and losing a loved one to suicide has sparked and evolved a passion for mental health, and a desire to be involved in change, improvement and advocacy for mental health.

Bridget completed VCE despite the adversity they faced and unwillingness to complete school and received a three-year scholarship for university.

Bridget hopes their story and trauma can be the basis of change, so no one has to experience the letdown of the mental health system like many of us have in the future.

The Youth Advisory Council is one of the many places where Bridget can have their voice heard and amplify those who do not have a voice.