Devika Krishnan

Devika Krishnan

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Youth Advisory Council Member


Devika is a freelance writer, student, engineer and activist who grew up in Brisbane and currently studies in Melbourne. Her personal experience with treatment resistant depression and the hurdles she has faced to seek adequate treatment has driven her to educate herself on mental wellbeing and the barriers that exist for at risk communities, due to systemic separatism.

Devika is passionate about is advocating for and empowering first nation, LGBTQIA+, immigrants, refugees, disabled and people of colour (POC) communities.

She has previously worked at AIESEC, an NGO partner of the UN, and is part of the Skindeep project – a theatre production aiming to spread awareness of colourism.

Devika currently studies and works in engineering with the aim of creating a sustainable future by working towards the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals.

As a person benefitting from the resources of a developed country, Devika is aware of her privileges and wants to take full advantage of them to help communities who don’t receive the same opportunities. She hopes to bring a new perspective to youth mental health by advocating for communities facing barriers in the mental health care system.