Emilia Hawcroft
Emilia Hawcroft picture
Youth Advisory Council Member

Emilia was born and raised in Perth, though once lived in Florida, before returning in 2018. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in mid-2018, which included a double major in Politics & International Relations and History. At present, Emilia is utilising the skills gained from her degree to inform her work to evolve attitudes and understandings around youth issues.

In her aims to support young people, Emilia currently acts as a committee member of the Youth Pride Network, a WA-focussed and youth-led LGBTQIA+ advocacy body. The role has involved a variety of projects, from providing LGBTQIA+ sexual health education to preparing policy documents. In her personal professional capacity, Emilia is often presenting on transgender issues, whether at conferences or online.

Emilia particularly recognises that her LGBTQIA+ peers encounter disproportionate rates of mental ill-health, and their needs are often neglected by service providers. Emilia hopes to use her position in the Youth Advisory Council to reduce this disparity.