Inez Winters
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Youth Research Council Member


Inez lives in Melbourne's Inner North and is currently studying her Bachelor and Masters of Social Work at La Trobe University. She has a particular interest in advocacy, child and adolescent health, refugee and asylum seekers, and family violence sectors. She hopes to work in youth and culturally and linguistically diverse settings to improve and maintain her clients well-being. 

Inez has worked with Amnesty International and Oxfam to raise awareness for human rights abuses. She has also worked with the Penington Institute to raise awareness about sexual health and harm reduction. She has a history of peer support work in her local community and currently volunteers with individuals affected by family violence. She has seen the first hand benefits of peer support, youth participation, and early intervention and hopes to use these strategies throughout her social work career. 

As a member of the Youth Research Council she hopes to gain insight into how to better assist others through her future career in social work. She is particularly interested in global and national youth mental health initiatives and their effectiveness. She hopes to make an important and lasting contribution to future youth mental health research in Australia.