Kate Knudsen
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Youth Research Council Member


Kate lives on the Gold Coast, where she is studying medicine with the ultimate goal of becoming a psychiatrist. She is also employed as a research assistant at the Hopkins Centre (Griffith University), where she is involved in reviewing the literature on the care and experiences of people with brain and spinal cord injuries. Recently, she co-authored a paper published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

Passionate about improving and promoting mental health at a community level, Kate also desires to see better quality, evidence-based care for those with mental ill-health. She is particularly interested in early intervention, holistic care, peer work, alternative therapies and trauma-informed care. She hopes that her combination of research and clinical skills will allow her to put this into practice in years coming.

In high school, Kate organised the delivery of mental health education to her peers for headspace. Working with Orygen, she is eager to be involved further in research, education and advocacy.