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    Madeleine Wills

    Youth Advisory Council Member

    Mady Wills is a proud Warramungu woman from a small town called Tennant Creek in central Australia, who was born and raised on Wathaurong country. She recently graduated in Ballarat, choosing to defer her 2017 studies of Speech Pathology at Latrobe.

    Since graduating Mady has started working at AIME, an organisation passionate about young Indigenous Australians. In her role as a mentor leader she supports and encourages the young people she works with to succeed in all walks of life, pushing them to be the best people they can possibly be.

    Mady loves working with people and getting to know new like-minded people, and hopes being on Orygen’s Youth Advisory Council will be another platform for her to do that. She is also highly passionate about mental health, specifically amongst young people so any opportunity she can grab to broaden her knowledge, she will take.