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    Adele Romagnano

    Youth Research Council Member

    Adele is from Melbourne and is a curious and enthusiastic aspiring researcher in the youth mental health and youth offending field. Graduating in 2015 with a degree in Applied Science (Psychology), Adele furthered her studies to complete a Bachelor of Criminology and Psychology, which she completed in June 2017.

    For the past year Adele has been volunteering with the Centre for Multicultural Youth as an Independent Person, assisting and supporting young people during their forensic interviews in police custody. This role has inspired her to advocate for young people against current stigmas in society. Adele is also an active member of the Youth Advisory Group at Headspace Craigieburn.

    Adele has a strong passion for communicating, advocating and inspiring young people to better their mental health, wellbeing and quality of life. With a dream career in research, Adele hopes to one day contribute to the current psychology literature, to improve the mental health treatment outcomes for young people, as well as strengthen the understanding and acceptance of mental health in society.