Paris Jeffcoat picture

    Paris Jeffcoat

    Youth Research Council Member

    Paris lives on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and is currently studying combined Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees at the University of Sydney.

    Majoring in synthetic medicinal chemistry, Paris aims to pursue a career as a research scientist, discovering new drug targets and candidates for a range of neuropsychiatric diseases. Through this research she hopes to contribute to a better scientific understanding of these conditions, which she hopes will in turn contribute to destigmatised community perceptions and more specialised support systems.

    With a strong interest in promoting the mental health of young people, Paris is passionate about advocating for mental health support infrastructures transparent in their approach to connecting individuals, communities, health professionals, business and government. Recently, she has been working to implement sustainable mental health support systems in her local community.

    Paris has worked at the Australian Government’s Department of Health for a number of years as a Regulatory Scientist, where she performed human health risk assessments on industrial chemicals, and has been involved in legislative reforms processes. As a member of the Youth Research Council, she is particularly interested in research into the effectiveness of national mental health initiatives and policy efforts.