Certificate in Young People's Mental Health and Technology

  • 'Certificate in Young People’s Mental Health and Technology (Modules 1-4)'

    $1100.00 AUD Including GST

    Purchase all four modules now to complete the full certificate consisting of four online modules of approximately seven hours each. Work your way through each module sequentially to develop your understanding of the use of technology in youth mental health care.

  • 'Module 1: Introduction to Young People's Mental Health & Technology'

    $275.00 AUD Including GST

    This module describes the status of youth mental health in Australia, including prevalence and impact of mental illnesses and risk/protective factors. It summarises the characteristics of technology use by young people, including risks and benefits and demonstrates the potential of e-health platforms to identify and treat mental health problems in young people.

  • 'Module 2: Technology, Suicide Prevention & Self-Harm'

    $275.00 AUD Including GST

    This module discusses the key factors that inform risk assessment, including risk factors, warning signs and protective factors at the individual, social and contextual level. It steps through tools used to conduct a suicide risk assessment, the definitions and stages of crisis and works through a six-step model of crisis intervention.

  • 'Module 3: Integrating Technology in Professional Practice'

    $275.00 AUD Including GST

    This module identifies tools that are needed to deliver services via technology. It discusses issues of confidentiality and privacy in using technology with young clients and provides appropriate resources. The module demonstrates the use of a range of online tools to identify, assess and treat mental ill health problems in young people, including the use of psychoeducation and identifies and responds to challenges in using technology to deliver services, such as poor literacy skills and problems with internet access.

  • 'Module 4: Legal & Ethical Principles Regarding Technology in Professional Practice'

    $275.00 AUD Including GST

    This module describes a framework and model for making ethical decisions regarding the delivery of online services by stepping through laws and guidelines that relate to the use of technology by young people. It demonstrates the application of privacy and confidentiality laws/guidelines to the use of online services for young people, including documentation and records and professional boundaries.