Andrew Tangas

Andrew Tangas

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Senior Project Manager Advocacy and Engagement

Andrew Tangas is a Senior Project Manager Advocacy and Engagement at Orygen. In his current position, Andrew engages with a wide range of stakeholders across the public sector to provide authoritative advice on issues related to youth health, well-being and mental health in Victoria, nationally and internationally.

Andrew has a wealth of experience in developing strategic and funding relationships between not-for-profit organisations and stakeholders in the public, private and philanthropic sectors. After earning a Bachelor of Arts (Politics and Sociology) at La Trobe University, Andrew joined the Foundation for Young Australians as Government Relations Coordinator, before broadening his portfolio to include corporate and philanthropic relations as Partnerships Manager.

Andrew worked in Washington, D.C., with Atlas Corps, an international nongovernmental organisation dedicated to the development of young global social change leaders. In his roles as Special Projects Manager and Executive Assistant to the CEO, Andrew supported the CEO in expanding the organisation’s work across the globe and maintained relationships with key stakeholders across the sectors, including the U.S. Government and major philanthropic donors.

Andrew is currently studying a Masters of Social Policy at Melbourne University and is passionate about reshaping the way Australia addresses its most complex and pressing socio-economic challenges.