Entourage is a Movember-funded project led by Orygen's Dr Simon Rice, involving the trial of an online social network and tailored therapy content for young people experiencing social anxiety. The trial will require a robust understanding of young people’s preferences for accessing new formats of mental health support provided online.

One part of the Entourage project is a preference study of intended users of the e-mental health platform.

The preference study, led by Orygen economist Matthew Hamilton, will use a discrete choice experiment design. A discrete choice experiment is a technique that is used to measure the strength of participants’ preferences for different attributes of a service and to help economically value and price that service.

The data generated from the Entourage preference study will help ensure that the Entourage platform is guided by the preferences of the platform's intended users. Furthermore, the economic analysis of young people’s preferences will help inform decisions about the economic viability and most appropriate financing approach for any future roll out of the Entourage platform.