REDUCE study

REDUCE study

Help us find better ways to treat young people with psychosis. Get reimbursed for your time- and a picture of your brain!

People often experience their first episode of psychosis at an age when they have just entered the workforce or have begun further education. This is a concern as the experience of psychosis can interrupt these important milestones and make it difficult for the young person to seek and maintain study or employment. Additionally, antipsychotic medications which are used to treat the symptoms of psychosis can sometimes have side effects (such as tiredness and difficulty concentrating) which also impair someone’s ability to meet these goals.

The Reduce study aims to help young people who have previously experienced psychosis to reconnect with their career/education goals. We are interested to see whether reducing the amount of antipsychotic medication that someone takes following a first episode of psychosis can reduce potential side effects and improve their ability to work, study, and socialise.

To better understand the way psychosis influences a person’s health and day-to-day life, we need to know generally how young people (15-25 years) are going; specifically, those who have not had any treatment for any mental health issues in the past.

Participation involves completing four face-to-face appointments over two years.

The appointments involve:

  • questionnaires about everyday life and wellbeing;
  • thinking tasks which assess things like memory, attention, and problem solving;
  • basic physical health measures (i.e. height, weight); and
  • an MRI brain scan at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Parkville.

If you are aged 15-25, haven’t received treatment for mental health issues, and are able to attend appointments at Orygen in Parkville or Sunshine you may be eligible to take part.

After completion of each research interview, you will be reimbursed $50 for your time, and receive a picture of your brain!

Taking part in this important research will move Orygen further towards its goal of achieving optimal health and wellbeing for all young people into adulthood.

If you are interested in taking part, please get in touch with our friendly research team by filling out the form below:

This study has been approved by Melbourne Health Research Ethics Committee.