Online Training Modules

Online Training Modules

Online Training Modules

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Our training modules enable you to access contemporary approaches to the understanding and treatment of youth mental health issues. Offered through our interactive web-based learning platform, our online courses are:

  • Accessible when and where you want

  • Informed by the latest research in youth mental health

Follow the links below to log in and access one of our online courses.

Introductory training modules

Our introductory training modules provide you with a short overview of the latest approaches to key youth mental health issues. These modules take approximately 15 minutes to complete. All our introductory online modules are free.

Certificate in young people’s mental health and technology

There are two versions of the certificate – one is designed for mental health clinicians and the other for other professionals working with young people. There are four sections in both versions of the certificate which can be purchased individually. The recommended sequence of modules for those wanting to complete the whole certificate is chronological order from one to four.

Early psychosis

There are 21 interactive modules in the early psychosis series that comprehensively address all aspects of clinical care and describes the EPPIC model and the 16 core components. Each module will typically require about two hours of online time. In many cases the modules have a complementary manual that reinforces the content and provides helpful tools and worksheets.