Sharing your thoughts, feelings or experiences

There may be times where you want to your own experience with suicidal thoughts, feelings or behaviour. If you are currently experiencing suicidal thoughts, feelings or behaviours you should talk to a 'trusted adult or friend' or reach out to a professional mental health service before posting online. If you have a 'Safety Plan', you can use the strategies outlined in it to help keep yourself safe. If you are feeling unsafe due to your own suicidal thoughts, feelings or behaviour you should contact your local emergency department either by phone or in person.

Talking safely online about suicide

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Including services information

Include contact information for help services, such as helplines, local suicide prevention services, or local emergency services.

Monitoring your post

If you have made a post that refers to suicide or suicidal behaviour it can be helpful to monitor your post regularly for unsafe or harmful comments.

Take a break and look after yourself

Take a break and look after yourself