Responding to someone who may be suicidal

If you’re concerned about someone because of the content of their 'post', talk to the person directly, either on or offline, before posting your concerns. It may also be helpful for you to inform a 'trusted adult or friend' and, if available, seek professional advice. If you are concerned about someone who has experienced suicidal thoughts, feelings, or behaviour, do not post anything you would not say directly to them in-person.

Reaching out to others online can be an important source of affirmation, connection and support for many. Always take any content that suggests a person may be thinking about suicide seriously, but make sure you set boundaries about the type of support you are able to offer and when you are able to offer it.

Regardless of whether you think someone may be at immediate risk of suicide or not, you should put your own wellbeing first and do not put yourself in any physical danger.

Talking safely online about suicide

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Sharing in a safe and helpful way

Have a plan in place about what to do if a person indicates that they are feeling distressed as a result of your post.

Take a break and look after yourself

Take a break and look after yourself
Tips on self-care

Whether you are an occasional or frequent user of social media, be aware that sometimes repeated exposure to negative content could impact upon your own wellbeing.