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About the Orygen Institute

Since 2015, Orygen has been providing independent, evidence-based policy advice and analysis to governments and the mental health sector, particularly in relation to the mental health system and services.

Through the Orygen Institute, launched in May 2022, we will expand our policy focus to the social, cultural, economic and natural environment in which young people live, better understand how they interact with mental health and wellbeing and facilitate new thinking and policy solutions. 

The Orygen Institute is an opportunity to not only continue to partner with our own lived and learned experts within Orygen to inform mental health policy and services, but to also extend the conversations and collaborate with a broader community of young people, families, researchers, thought leaders who are in other sectors and policy areas.

The Orygen Institute’s work is underpinned and guided by values of equity, diversity and collaboration:

Equity: We believe that the best solutions will be surfaced through centering on young people’s experience, and this drives our approach to partnership and co-design with young people, their families, and other supporters.    

Diversity: Facilitating and engaging a diversity of ideas and perspectives across broader societal issues and different disciplines will ensure that our solutions are not confined to clinical health service responses.

Collaboration: We recognise the many organisations making significant contributions to the wellbeing and mental health of young Australians and will seek to work in collaboration and partnership.

The Orygen Institute's strategic approach is designed to create a paradigm shift in our thinking and ideas. Read our strategic plan to find out more.

Watch a highlights video from the launch of the Orygen Institute on Wednesday 4 May. Hear our expert panel discuss the megatrends in youth mental health and why policy matters.

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