Orygen Institute team

Orygen Institute team

The Orygen Institute is made up of a team of highly experienced policy, government relations, research and economics professionals.  Each team member brings important skills, including advocacy, health policy, computer simulation modelling, legal, youth engagement and, of course, high level policy analysis. The team has experience working inside and outside of government, enabling Orygen to effectively target its advice to assist government policymakers and bureaucrats while benefiting young people experiencing mental ill-health.

Along with its key staff, the Orygen Institute draws on Orygen’s research and clinical expertise as well as partnering and collaborating with key content experts from Australia and around the world.

Policy Team

Kerryn Pennell

Chief of Strategy and Policy

Vivienne Browne

Associate Director, Government Relations and Policy

David Baker

Policy Manager

Matthew Hamilton

Senior Policy Analyst and Lead, Health economics work-stream

Cameron Boyle

Senior Policy Analyst

Nicholas Fava

Senior Policy Analyst

Rikki Morgan

Policy Analyst

Shu Mei Teo

Biostatistician/ Data scientist, Research fellow