Training packages

Training packages

The workforce development team partners with young people, families, carers and professionals from the community, education and mental health sectors to build the capacity of the youth mental health workforce. 

Our mission is to cultivate a youth mental health workforce that's inclusive, evidence-informed and responsive to the needs and context of young people, families and communities. We integrate the latest evidence, lived experience and clinical practice into all the work we do.

To foster sustainable practice change we offer a range of workforce development activities. These include:

  • designing and delivering training
  • implementation support to embed training into practice
  • secondary consultation to build and facilitate communities of practice with a strong focus on evidence-informed reflective practice.

Evaluation forms an integral part of our work and we look to continually improve. We do this by measuring and evaluating the impact of our work with services and the workforce.

available Training packages

Tailored workforce training is available to organisations in each of the areas below. For an overview of our training packages and their associated costs, please refer to our pricing schedule.

If you'd like any further information about our training services please email [email protected] or complete and submit the Training Packages Request Form.