RTO Complaints and Appeals Policy

RTO Complaints and Appeals Policy

Orygen is committed to responding to students’ needs and providing the service/s expected by students. 

If students are dissatisfied with any aspect of the service received, they will be able to access a fair and transparent process for raising and resolving complaints and/or appeals. This will occur in a timely, professional, and equitable manner. Orygen is committed to the effective and efficient resolution of student complaints and appeals.

We encourage students to contact us with any concern or cause for dissatisfaction, or if students disagree with any decisions made by Orygen. This includes outcomes and results of assessments, grades and other learning matters.

Orygen will ensure this policy and procedure is publicly available and is easily accessible.

Term Descriptions

An expression of dissatisfaction by a student about conduct by Orygen, staff, other students or third parties providing services on behalf of Orygen. This may include issues with the enrolment process, training and/or assessment.

Students who lodge complaints are referred to as ‘complainants’.


The process by which a student may challenge an academic decision they received. Academic decisions may include:

  • assessment results
  • payment refund decisions
  • assessment extension decisions
Students who lodge appeals are referred to as ‘appellants’.













Submitting a complaint or appeal

1. Informal complaint or appeal

Students are encouraged to communicate their concerns immediately with their trainer. The trainer will try to resolve the matter with the student. If the student cannot address the issue with the trainer (including if they are uncomfortable with doing so), they are encouraged to submit a formal written complaint or appeal.

Appealing an assessment result

Please endeavour to submit an appeal of an assessment result within seven (7) calendar days of receiving the result. Appeals made after this period will not be accepted unless there are extenuating circumstances accounting for the delay. Extenuating circumstances may include, but are not limited to, illness, family or personal matters, or other reasons that are out of the ordinary circumstances. This decision of assessing the extenuating circumstances rests with the Complaints Officer and shall be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

2. Submission of a formal written complaint or appeal

To submit a formal written complaint or appeal to the complaints officer, complete and lodge the Complaints and Appeals form.

Once submitted, students will receive a written formal acknowledgement of the complaint or appeal within two (2) business days, followed by timely regular updates on the matter. Orygen will investigate and resolve the matter in an effective and efficient manner. 

Orygen will investigate the matter by:

  • Gathering information on the matter.
  • Speaking to the relevant and involved parties.
  • Generating problem-solving strategies and options for solutions.

Orygen is committed to resolving the matter effectively and efficiently and will aim to resolve the matter within sixty (60) days. Should the matter take longer to be resolved, the student will receive a written notification outlining the reason for the delay.

3. Escalation to external review

If the student is not satisfied with the resolution reached by Orygen, they are entitled to escalate the matter to an external third-party review. This is a review that is undertaken by an independent external third party on behalf of the student to assist with the resolution. Third parties may include relevant training representative/s, legal representative/s, or other relevant personnel.

Should the matter be escalated to this stage, Orygen will provide the student with the details of the authority and the review.

If students are still not satisfied with the result from the external appeals process, they are entitled to submit the matter via ASQA connect.


This policy was last updated in June 2023.