Alastair Campbell
Alastair Campbell picture
Writer, strategist and advocate, former adviser to Tony Blair

Alastair Campbell is a writer, strategist and mental health advocate best known for his work with former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. A journalist before switching to politics in 1994, he is acknowledged by Tony Blair as having created the ‘New Labour, New Britain’ strategy on which three election wins were founded.

Though he has remained active in politics and campaigns since he left Downing Street, he now splits his time between writing, broadcasting, journalism - he helped found The New European newspaper in the wake of the Brexit referendum - and strategic consultancy. But increasingly he has devoted his time to mental health advocacy.

Alastair is an ambassador for several UK and overseas mental health charities and campaigns and a co-founder of the all-party Equality for Mental Health Campaign which helped secure an extra £600m funding for mental health services in the UK. Elected a Mind champion he has also been honoured by the Royal College of Psychiatry in London.

He has written 16 books including several on mental health and mental illness and made an award-winning BBC documentary about how own experience of depression and psychosis.