Honor Eastly
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Writer, podcaster, mental health whizz and consultant

Honor Eastly is an Australian writer, podcaster, mental health whizz and consultant. Her creative work has been described as “darkly funny” (by The New York Times) “total magic” (by The Atlantic), and “something rare” (TIME).

Honor's has won numerous awards for podcasts and writing. Most recently, she. won the ‘Third Coast Director’s Choice award’ for the podcast ‘No Feeling Is Final’, widely considered the 'Oscars' of podcasting.

Honor was a finalist for the VicHealth Awards in 2019. She works in the mental health sector specialising in peer workforce development and systemic advocacy. Honor was the lead trainer and supervisor for the Discharge to Home program, a seismic shift in service delivery which saw peer workers employed in all inpatient units across Victoria.

Most recently Honor was Senior Advisor to the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System as well as a member of the Expert Advisory Committee, selected by Orygen's executive director Professor Patrick McGorry.

Combining all areas of expertise, Honor co-founded The Big Feels Club in 2017, a grassroots peer support initiative founded on best principles of recovery-oriented practice and peer support, as well as best principles in content creation and delivery.