Research team

Research team

From investigators and research assistants to clinicians and phlebotomists, over 80 people play essential roles in conducting the STEP study. Below are a few of the key people involved in the study's coordination. If you would like to know more about the people involved, please contact us via the form below.

Chief investigator

Professor Patrick McGorry; Orygen

Associate investigators

  • Professor Barnaby Nelson; Orygen
  • Professor G Paul Amminger; Orygen
  • Mr Hok Pan Yuen; Orygen
  • Professor Lisa Dixon; Columbia University
  • Professor Cameron Carter; University of California Davis
  • Associate Professor Rachel Loewy; University of California San Francisco
  • Associate Professor Tara Niendam; University of California Davis
  • Associate Professor Martha Shumway; University of California San Francisco

Project managers

  • Melissa Kerr; Orygen

  • Jessica Spark; Orygen

  • Nicky Wallis; Orygen


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