Doctor of Philosophy opportunities

Doctor of Philosophy opportunities

Find yourself at the forefront of evidence and research – leading the revolution in youth mental health.

Orygen’s Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) projects provide you with a unique opportunity to develop your research innovation and academic leadership skills with access to world-leading researchers and clinicians.


Why choose Orygen?

Orygen is leading a revolution in youth mental health.

Our commitment to helping young people get well, and stay well, has changed the way mental health services and treatments are delivered worldwide.

Orygen’s Parkville headquarters has the largest concentration of youth mental health researchers, clinicians and educators in the world, all focussed on integrating global research, policy and education with evidence-based clinical care.

What past students say

We think our PhD program offers an incredible launch pad for the next wave of youth mental health researchers, but don’t just take our word for it.

“The benefits of doing you PhD with Orygen are fantastic resources, partnerships, highly trained and insightful supervisors, a large team of researchers to call on, good exposure and many opportunities to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone,” said Dr Erin Dolan who completed her PhD in 2021.

Dr Nicole Hill added: “The researchers at Orygen are all very approachable and they genuinely care about students and helping them build a research career.”

Find out more about the experiences of our past PhD students – including their highlights, what they researched, and what a typical day involved – at the PhD student experiences page.

Discover PhD projects

Orygen offers an internationally respected PhD program as the Centre for Youth Mental Health, University of Melbourne.

Discover our exciting new projects, read supervisor profiles, and find out how to apply here.

Frequently asked questions

Taking on a PhD project is no small matter. You’ve probably got a million and one questions about what to expect so we’ve put together answers to frequently asked questions here.

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