Webinar: Side by side: supporting youth peer work in mental health services

Webinar: Side by side: supporting youth peer work in mental health services

18 September 2020

Peer workers provide important and unique support for people experiencing mental ill-health, drawing on their lived experience to provide emotional and social support to others with whom they share a common experience.

In youth mental health services, youth peer workers often share a similar age to the young people coming into a service. Youth peer workers are important because they aim to remove power imbalances that can arise due to age or helper-client dynamics, they can better relate to other young people’s life experiences, and are likely to have shared experiences of mental ill-health.

Join us as we explore the importance of youth peer work in supporting young people experiencing mental ill-health.

The webinar will feature a presentation on Orygen’s recently released report, 'Side by side: supporting youth peer work in mental health services, which explores how youth peer work can best be integrated into the youth mental health system, as well as presentations from youth peer workers and others in the space about their experiences and insights. 

The webinar will go for 90 minutes, with the first 60 minutes dedicated to providing content to the audience, and the final 30 minutes reserved for questions and comments from the audience.

Attendees are welcome to attend either the full 90 minutes or just the first 60 minutes.

For more information, please contact Andrew Tangas at andrew.tangas@orygen.org.au.

Date: Wednesday, October 7

Time: 10:30am-12:00pm

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This webinar is part of a series delivered through the Victorian Youth Mental Health Community of Practice.

Co-convened by Orygen and YACVic, the Community of Practice brings together a network of young people and those who support them to learn about and drive change in key policy and practice areas of the youth mental health system.

The Community of Practice holds regular events to share information, facilitate learning, and create connections across the youth mental health sector, as well as other sectors that have a role to play in supporting the mental health of Victoria’s young people.