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The vision of Orygen Global is a world where all young people, everywhere, enjoy optimal mental health as they grow into adulthood.


The mission of Orygen Global is to enable young people to have mental health such that they can achieve healthy, productive, contributing and fulfilling lives, irrespective of their resources or those of their community.

Orygen Global aims to, over the next three years, achieve the below strategic objectives:

  • partnerships: to secure strategic partnerships with key national and international organisations which will support the implementation of new youth mental health initiatives;   
  • advocacy: to inform and influence the global policy agenda and increase investment in youth mental health;
  • world-leading organisation: to secure Orygen’s position as a world-leading organisation in youth mental health; and
  • active youth participation: to ensure young people and their families are active participants in all aspects of Orygen Global, including strategy development, design, implementation and evaluation of programs, advocacy and education efforts.


  • Youth and family engagement: Orygen Global will actively partner with young people and their families in all our activities, seeking out their input and feedback at all stages of program development, implementation and evaluation.
  • Partnerships: Orygen Global will leverage opportunities to partner with local, regional and national governments, international organisations, civil society organisations and, where relevant, private sector partners to improve young people’s mental health.
  • Transparency: Orygen Global will operate internally and externally with openness, in the interest of young people around the world.
  • Accountability: Orygen Global will design and implement its activities with specified metrics to ensure efficacy and continuous improvement, and create clear roles, responsibilities  and feedback mechanisms to create an internal culture of accountability and efficiency.

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