It’s not too late to rise up for young minds

It’s not too late to rise up for young minds

13 October 2021

Just three days into this year’s Burpee Bounce Back Challenge, $168,884 has been raised to help young Aussies bounce back from mental ill-health. 

This is the second consecutive year that Orygen has challenged people of all ages to take part in the fundraising initiative like no other.

If you haven’t already registered, you can still sign up and join in by completing 1,534 burpees, in recognition of the 1,534 under-17s diagnosed with a mental illness in Australia every day.

So far 2,567 burpee-ers have completed 205,261 burpees, with stars of the stage and sporting world also taking part and cheering everyone to the finish line.

MC and entertainer Brihony Dawson and Richmond Football Club coach Damien Hardwick have stepped up to support the Burpee Bounce Back Challenge.

Also throwing their support behind it are mental health literacy program Read the Play, and Geelong Football Club players Mark Blicavs and Mark O’Connor, who serve as player wellbeing officers through the program.

As an advocate for youth mental health, Brihony Dawson knows how important it is to raise awareness and funds to support young people to live their best lives.

“Three in four young Aussies experience mental ill-health before they turn 25, and with the additional challenges in the world today they need our support more than ever,” Brihony said.

Damien Hardwick has talked openly about how Richmond players’ mental health and wellbeing has been critical to the club’s success.

“Young people are the sporting stars of the future. If taking part in this challenge means even one more young person gets the care they need to thrive, that is a huge win for all of us,” he said.

Geelong-based Read the Play aims to increase mental health literacy and build young people’s confidence to seek support when they need it. CEO Michael Parker, said Orygen’s challenge was a perfect fit for the project.

“Community fundraising efforts like the Burpee Bounce Back Challenge help remind us that we’re all part of one big team when it comes to mental health. Through it, we can raise awareness of how common mental health issues are and the importance of services like Orygen,” he said.

Geelong FC players Mark Blicavs and Mark O’Connor guide young people with mental health problems to get support as Player Wellbeing Officers with Read the Play.

“With the stresses of school, sport and social media in everyday life, I think mental health is really prevalent. It’s something we need to keep working to support and help people, especially our youth, wherever necessary,” said Mark Blicavs.

If you haven’t already signed up, it’s not too late to become a burpee-er and raise vital funds for young Aussies facing mental illness. Find out how and register here.  

If you’re not able to burpee yourself, you can sponsor individuals or teams on the fundraising leaderboard; you’ll see some familiar names there.

You can also donate – to boost the fundraising total of someone you know, or directly to Orygen.