Celebrating Women “Cracking the Code” to enable optimal youth mental health

Celebrating Women “Cracking the Code” to enable optimal youth mental health

8 March 2023

(L-R Onyx, Dr Imogen Bell)

The theme for the UN International Women’s Day 2023 is “Cracking the code: Innovation for a gender equal future”.

Today we celebrate the achievements of all women, including the many women at Orygen who are cracking the code to support a better future for young people and their mental health. 

This includes Dr Imogen Bell, Postdoctoral Research Fellow with Orygen Digital:

“In our work at Orygen, we are committed to finding new and better ways to help young people and families struggling with mental ill-health. This is not a simple task. 

"Our work has shown how the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted the lives of young people, and barriers to accessing high quality care seem bigger and more complex than ever.”

“Bold, innovative, and transformative ideas are needed to solve these grand problems, and I believe technology has a critical role to play.”

“This is why at Orygen Digital our ideas and the research that follows are born from thinking outside the box to discover new ideas and breakthroughs in treatment for young people. We believe that technology is key to unlocking these breakthroughs, and women like us have an essential role in realising this vision,” said Imogen.

Imogen offers some great advice for young women wanting to enter the world of digital technology.

“My advice to other women in this space is to look up to the women who inspire you in the field and seek their guidance, mentorship and sponsorship. Don’t be afraid to reach out to other women – chances are they’ve been through it too and want to help.”