EVENT: Leading experts take to the stage at Orygen Youth Mental Health Symposium

EVENT: Leading experts take to the stage at Orygen Youth Mental Health Symposium

8 June 2024

Research experts from around the world come together in Melbourne to explore the drivers and solutions of the youth mental health crisis at the upcoming Orygen Youth Mental Health Symposium.

On Thursday 27 June, Orygen brings together the field's leading minds for a day of presentations and panel discussions to discuss the rising tide and approaches to turn it around.

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This unique opportunity features experts at the forefront of mental health research and practice, including:

  • Associate Professor Amanda Fitzgerald (Ireland), 
  • Shannon Pagdon (USA), and
  • Professor Srividya Iyer (Canada).

An Associate Professor at University College Dublin, Amanda Fitzgerald's research focuses on understanding risk and protective factors of young people's mental health, with a specific interest in the area of early interventions for adolescent mental health and use of e-technologies for improving various psychosocial problems.

Shannon Pagdon is Vice President of Lived Experience research at The International Early Intervention and Prevention in Mental Health Association (IEPA). She is a joint masters-doctoral student at the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work and has lived experience of psychosis, with a background in peer support. 

Srividya Iyer, PhD., is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and an Associate Member of the Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. She is a researcher at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute and the Prevention and Early Intervention Program for Psychosis (PEPP) in Montreal.

The symposium will be held at the Ian Potter Auditorium, University of Melbourne and will also be livestreamed. Read more details about the agenda and speakers here.