Our vision is for all young people to enjoy optimal mental health as they grow into adulthood.

Our mission is to reduce the impact of mental ill-health on young people, their families and society by:


Providing young people with emerging mental illnesses with stigma-free access to holistic, high quality and evidence-based clinical services.

Developing better interventions, treatments and service systems in youth mental health through research.

Supporting communities to better respond to mental ill-health in young people through public education and service development.

In implementing our mission, we value:


Young people: young people have the right to timely access to high quality, evidence-based, age-appropriate and respectful mental health care.

Participation: young people, families, and the community are key partners in improving young people’s mental health.

Evidence: policy, practice and services in youth mental health should be informed by the best available evidence of what works.

Innovation: new approaches to prevention and care have enormous potential to improve mental health outcomes for young people.

Optimism: with appropriate supports young people can and do recover from mental ill-health and go on to achieve great things with their lives.

Our people: the quality and commitment of our team is integral to our success.