Meet Anh

Meet Anh

The pandemic has had a huge impact of Anh’s life. The periods of isolation and lack of social interaction left her feeling more anxious than ever.

She was going through a low-point in her life – she was depressed.

Anh started using MOST. She said using the service made her feel like she had a family that understood where she is coming from.

MOST was comforting and made me feel they were my emotional support... I felt more relaxed, calm, knowing that I don't need to go through this all alone.‚Äč



By using the social network tool on the platform, Anh was able to connect with young people experiencing the same symptoms and feelings she had.

Anh said the connections made her feel calm by knowing that she wasn’t going through it alone.

Her advice to other young people looking help and support for their mental health is try MOST.

Anh’s personal story was also shared in the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System final report. You can read it here.