Meet Julia

Meet Julia

Julia took courageous steps to seek support for her mental ill-health and that decision has changed her life for the better.

She says mental health is a taboo subject in her culture, in her family and in society.

In spite of this, she got to point where she needed to take a brave move and ask for help.

Due to her anxiety and self-doubt, it took Julia a few months to pluck up the courage to book an appointment with her GP and then with a mental health clinician.

In her first session with a clinician she sat down to discuss what she was feeling and experiencing.

Julia’s clinician introduced her to the MOST platform and together they picked out the modules that were most relevant and useful.

I was struggling so much and now I’m in such a better place.‚Äč



Julia says the content on MOST is engaging and easy to use, and she finds it easy to digest whether it is an article or a graphic story.

She feels safe and secure with the information she receives on MOST because she knows it is trustworthy, as it is written by mental health experts.

Julia is now on a mission to encourage other young people experiencing mental ill-health to try MOST after the impact it made on her on life.