Functional recovery

Functional recovery

Overview of the project

The Functional Recovery Research team develops and trials world-leading innovative interventions that address areas of functional recovery relevant to young people with mental illness. Functional recovery includes education, employment, physical health and stable accommodation.

The team sets out to produce world-class evidence that is translated into policy and practice locally, nationally and internationally.

Why is this research area important?

In the past it was believed that addressing the symptomatic elements of mental health would lead to recovery in all areas of life. However, this has not been the case and indeed in some areas, such as physical health, results are actually getting worse rather than better. This focus on functional recovery is important in meeting the hopes of young people to live a full and meaningful life.

Key questions

- How do young people with mental illness return to, and succeed in study or work?
- Can we identify young people with mental illness who are at risk of homelessness and act to prevent this?
- Is it possible to protect the physical health of young people with a mental illness, and if so how?

Research Leader

Professor Eóin Killackey
Chief of Research and Knowledge Translation
Research Interests:
Psychosocial recovery, functional recovery, service reform.