Our team

Our team

Gina Chinnery
Associate Director of Employment and Education Partnerships.

Gina has worked in the field of youth mental health and across the employment services and career development sector for more than 20 years. She has been a key contributor to the development and evaluation of innovative vocational interventions for young people including Individual Placement and Support (IPS), youth vocational peer work, and the online career support platform, YOTES. 

Gina is certified in the IPS model, completing IPS leadership training with the IPS Employment Centre in New Hampshire, USA in 2015. She has managed several youth IPS programs in primary care and specialised mental health settings, including a Jobs Victoria IPS program enhanced by vocational peer work. Gina has extensive experience conducting IPS fidelity reviews and delivering IPS training and regularly contributes to vocational research projects and conferences, both in Australia and internationally.

In 2018, Gina was awarded an International Specialised Skills Fellowship to investigate vocational peer work and online career interventions in Canada and the USA and in 2015, was awarded the Career Development Association of Australia Career Practitioner of the Year and Long-Term Unemployment Conference, Employment Officer of the Year. 

Penny Carlson
Senior Education Sector Project Manager

Penny is managing a roll-out of YOTES in schools in regional Victoria and an educational transition project with the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) while planning the next phase of the Australian University Mental Health Framework. With a background in education, Penny has experience managing national projects, and strategically engaging stakeholders to support program implementation.  Prior to joining Orygen, Penny worked at the Australian Sports Commission in a role uniting the sport, education and health systems in demonstrating the value of physical activity to holistic child development.

Catherine Gayed
Education Sector Project Manager

Catherine oversees projects supporting international students and education providers across Victoria and managing IPS implementation in regional mental health services.  Catherine has extensive experience working in employment and mental health services, including managing a large IPS team in a youth early psychosis service.

Catherine holds a Masters of Career Development, has completed IPS supervisor training and has experience implementing IPS programs in specialist and primary mental health services. Catherine was also a key contributor on the YOTES research trial.

James Whiting
Career Workforce Development Manager, Orygen Digital

James is the digital career workforce team leader, supervising a team of online career consultants across a range of digital platforms. James assists with career support service design, implementation, staff training and supervision and continuous improvement for career support for youth focussed career education products, including the YOTES platform.

James has five years’ experience working in the employment sector with the last two years dedicated to online career support in youth mental health settings. Underpinned by a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Hons.), James combines an understanding of mental health with experience providing practical career support.

Sarah Bostock
Peer Work Project Officer

Sarah is developing a peer work strategy to support services and industry across Australia with implementation, resources and workforce training for the youth lived experience workforce. Sarah assists with identifying opportunities for collaboration and contributing to the development of youth peer work programs and research projects.

Previously, Sarah worked as a youth vocational peer worker in Orygen’s IPS employment program.  In this role they used their lived experience of OCD and Major Depressive Disorder to work with other young people to achieve work and study goals. Sarah also provided research support to understand the impact of vocational peer workers in IPS programs.  

Mai Rivera
Education Sector Project Officer

Mai provides project support on a range of international student projects.  Previously, Mai has worked with youth and non-for-profit organisations in her home country. She is also studying social work in Melbourne and is passionate about community work and human services initiatives.

Hasanah Hussien
International Student Peer Worker

Hasanah is developing and delivering international student peer work training and support to international student peer workers in education settings. Hasanah studied as an international student in Australia for several years and has experience delivering training and working with various community services in both public and private settings.

Joshua Braybrook
Administration Support Officer

Joshua provides administrative support across the employment and education team, including supporting IPS fidelity reviews and vocational peer work projects. Additionally, Josh has completed internationally recognised IPS practitioner training and has been a youth consultant on various focus groups, research projects and training events.