Professor Jo Robinson
Professor Jo Robinson picture
Head of Suicide Research

Professor Jo Robinson leads Orygen’s suite of research programs around suicide prevention. She currently coordinates several research projects in collaboration with Australian and overseas universities.

Some of the projects underway include a randomised controlled trial of an internet-based program for at-risk secondary school students, a study examining the role of social media in suicide prevention, and the evaluation of a gatekeeper-training program designed to assist school staff to identify and support students at risk.

Jo’s work focuses on improving our knowledge about the best approaches to reduce suicide risk among young people. This includes developing programs, testing novel approaches that specifically target at-risk youth, and translating the research evidence into practice and policy.

Jo has also been involved in the development of several government-commissioned community resources and has contributed to numerous advisory panels and expert committees.

She has been a member of advisory committees on suicide prevention for both the state and federal government.

Read more about Jo's work in her Find an Expert profile on the University of Melbourne's website.

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Research Interests

Suicide prevention, online interventions.