Elsie Beale
Elsie Beale picture

Elsie lives on Larrakia land in Darwin, Northern Territory.

As a passionate Filipino-Australian advocate for youth, Elsie supports a holistic approach to mental health. She believes it’s important that young people have a sense of community, especially young people of colour and those experiencing the impacts of colonialism and intergenerational trauma. Elsie believes in keeping cultural identity as an important part of the recovery process for mental ill-health.

For Elsie, being an advocate means ensuring young people have accurate representation in spaces that directly impact them. Whether it’s at the local library or in conferences specifically about youth mental health, Elsie is always supporting young people to prosper in their lived experiences.

With an interest in psychosis, Elsie is passionate about aiding recovery for those living with symptoms of psychosis. As with any mental health condition, she believes returning to health and learning to live with your symptoms is possible even if it may look different for each individual.