Ezra Burnett
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Ezra Burnett (he/they) is a young queer, transgender and disabled youth advocate and organiser who grew up in Ballarat and currently lives in Naarm (Melbourne). He is extremely passionate about improving youth mental health with a focus on inclusivity and intersectionality and aims to centre the voices of marginalised Australian youth – especially queer and trans youth – whenever possible.

Since his teenage years Ezra has been involved in a myriad of youth activism. This includes working as the main organiser for multiple School Strike 4 Climate protests in the Ballarat region, campaigning against wage theft toward young people and continuously advocating for the advancement of queer and transgender rights across the nation. Ezra has also completed an internship with the Community and Public Sector Union. When advocating for the improvement of youth mental health, Ezra strives to draw upon their extensive lived experience, producing for and working with youth audiences in activist settings.

He also aims to draw upon his own personal understanding of the complexities of marginalisation and the vulnerability that can arise from it. Ezra believes that his own lived experience with social inequalities has provided him with valuable insights into the intimate relationship that exists between mental health and social conditions.

In his free time, you’ll find Ezra indulging in one of his many hobbies, including photography, writing poetry, gardening, reading or printmaking, or simply just hanging out with their two cats Twongus and Louie.

Ezra dreams of one day working as a social or peer support worker for marginalised youth and would love to eventually return to living in regional Victoria to help amplify the voices of regional LGBTQIA+ community members, especially transgender youth.  

He values principles of accessibility and inclusivity and understands the necessity for all young people to be active, visible and valued within their communities in order to improve mental wellbeing.