Dr Kelly Allott picture

    Dr Kelly Allott

    Senior Research Fellow

    DPsych(Clin Neuro), BAppSc(Hons)

    Dr Kelly Allott is a senior research fellow and clinical neuropsychologist and she leads the cognition research at Orygen.

    Kelly works mainly with young people who have either had their first experience of psychosis or who are at risk of developing psychosis, but also other disorders including depression. Her research focuses on the role of cognition, including memory, language and reasoning, in youth psychiatric disorders. This work is aimed at helping us understand more about cognition and how cognition affects and influences functional and symptomatic aspects of psychosis and other mental illnesses. 

    Kelly is developing and trialling youth-friendly interventions that address the barriers to helping young people in their recovery.

    Research Interests

    Psychosis, depression, cognition, functional recovery.