Professor Stephen Wood picture

    Professor Stephen Wood

    Head, Clinical Translational Neuroscience

    MA (Cantab), PhD

    Professor Stephen Wood is Associate Director, Research and also leads Clinical Translational Neuroscience Research Program at Orygen. He holds honorary positions at the School of Psychological Sciences, University of Melbourne and the School of Psychology, University of Birmingham (UK).

    Stephen’s research is focused on identifying neurobiological markers of mental illness, from predictors of poor outcome to markers of treatment response. He is also interested at understanding the way in which normal brain development can affect and be affected by the development of mental illnesses.

    Stephen is a vice president of IEPA Early Intervention in Mental Health and a past recipient of the Australasian Society for Psychiatric Research’s Schering-Plough Organon Prize.

    Research Interests

    Neuroimaging and cognitive predictors of functional outcome, adolescent brain development, ultra high risk