Active youth participation

Active youth participation

Orygen Global is committed to ensuring young people and their families are active participants in all aspects of our work, including strategy development, design, implementation and evaluation of programs, advocacy and education efforts.

Through our partnership with young people we will seek to amplify their voice worldwide in the design and development of mental health services and responses. Young people are key in determining the types of services and supports that are relevant for their circumstances today. Similarly, families in their broadest sense play a crucial role in supporting young people experiencing mental ill-health; as such, their voice is pivotal in better understanding how we can better support families around the world. In addition, young people must be key architects in designing future programs that focus more broadly on social and societal determinants which contribute to poor mental health. In all facets of its work, Orygen Global will seek to actively partner with young people.

Global Framework for Youth mental health – youth engagement

Critical to the Global Youth Mental Health Partnership project was the engagement and participation of young people around the world.

Orygen and the World Economic Forum consulted with young people from around the globe about their views and perspectives on mental health. Between April and December 2019 the project team consulted with over 500 young people aged between 15 and 30-years-old from high, middle and low-resource settings.

The project team were able to seek a wide range of perspectives from young people in 50 different countries on what was important to their own mental health, what they thought about the proposed framework and the types of supports they would like to see being delivered locally.

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