Say hello to MOST

Say hello to MOST


Get mental health support when and where you need it MOST

MOST is a digital mental health service for young people aged 12 to 25. It's free at participating youth mental health services.

You want choice and flexibility with your mental health support. You want to be able to choose when and where you access it, and you want to be able to do so in a space that feels safe, engaging and judgement-free.

That’s why we’ve created MOST. It’s digital therapy designed to help you when you’re going through tough times. It gives you tools to help get back on track with the things that matter – like friends, mental health, work and study.

Over more than a decade, MOST has been created with and continuously tested by young people who have experienced mental ill-health. It’s brought to you by a team of clinicians, researchers, software developers, designers, gamers, authors and illustrators.

On MOST you choose how you want to engage with the resources and human support on offer. You can use the online therapy content, tools and activities to help you cope with life’s tricky moments. You can also connect with real people online including other young people (on a safe, moderated social network), clinicians and career consultants.

MOST is digital therapy that's there for you while you're waiting for care, along with your face-to-face sessions with a clinician, and after your sessions have finished.

Ask your clinician or youth mental health service about MOST today.

Want to know more about how MOST can help your mental health journey? Take a look at Malamati's story:

MOST was comforting and made me feel they were my emotional support... I felt more relaxed, calm, knowing that I don't need to go through this all alone.‚Äč

ANH, MOST user


How it works

MOST lets you:

  • access 24/7 mental health support on your device
  • find and keep proven practical strategies, tools and resources that work for you
  • work at your own pace
  • join a safe, virtual support network of young people on their own recovery journey; it's optional and has peer workers guiding healthy connections on the network
  • choose how to engage with and use the resources on offer, whether that's therapy content and activities, or human support with clinicians, career consultants or peer workers.

Ask your clinician or youth mental health service about MOST.

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How can i access most?

Ask your clinician or youth mental health service about MOST.

It is available to young people living in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and the ACT through participating headspace or specialist youth mental health services. 

We’re on a mission to make MOST available to young people throughout Australia — watch this space!

Find out if MOST is available near you. 


MOST is available in Victoria, parts of Queensland and parts of New South Wales. 

See our location map to see if it is available near you.

Find MOST near you

MOST is digital therapy that works in with, and in between, your face-to-face sessions with a clinician, or while you’re waiting for care. It lets you:

  • find and keep proven strategies, tools and resources that work for you;
  • work through things at your own pace;
  • connect with real people online – including clinicians, peer workers and career consultants, and
  • access 24/7 mental health support, across all your devices.

Designed by Orygen, MOST – Moderated Online Social Therapy – gives you on-demand access to tailored online therapy, tools and programs that are guided by clinicians, career consultants and trained peers with lived experience of mental ill-health, in addition to your in-person sessions.

MOST is backed by more than 10 years of research, clinical expertise and digital innovation to deliver a world-first blend of digital therapy and face-to-face mental health care.

It is currently available in participating Victorian, Queensland and New South Wales headspace centres and specialist youth mental health services – and is coming soon to the Australian Capital Territory. 

If you’re aged between 15 and 25, you can access MOST through your local participating headspace centre or specialist service, in Victoria and Queensland. Ask your clinician or service for a connection to MOST.

If you’re aged between 12 and 14, we’ve a MOST program that’s created just for your age group; creating a safe and supervised space that has been specially adapted from the original platform.

You may be able to join MOST (with your parent or guardian’s permission) if you attend a participating specialist service or a headspace centre.  

If you want to find out more, get in touch by email: [email protected] or phone 1800 00 MOST.

By offering MOST to 12 to 14-year-olds, we’re continuing the early intervention work Orygen is known for, and boosting the mental health support provided to young people at a crucial time in their care.

We know half of all mental health conditions start by 14 years of age, but most cases are undetected and untreated.[1]

We are working in partnership with clinicians at well-regarded specialist youth mental health service providers to run a pilot MOST program just for young people aged 12 to 14.

To participate in the service, young people in this age group will need to be referred by their participating service.

MOST 12 to 14 has been adapted from the original service to make sure therapeutic content is suitable, for example, at an appropriate reading age, and provided in a safe and well-supervised environment to support their mental wellbeing.

On MOST 12 to 14:

  • a parent or guardian needs to provide consent for a young person to participate;
  • families and guardians are actively encouraged to participate in the welcome call with a MOST clinician when a young person first signs up to the platform, and to support their young person to engage with the resources on the platform;
  • there is increased clinical supervision and online safety checks to protect young people on the service; and
  • the face-to-face clinician in the participating service is the lead clinician for the young person’s care, with the MOST clinician tailoring MOST to support the young person’s treatment plan.

Get in touch: [email protected] or phone 1800 00 MOST to find out more.

[1] American Psychiatric Association. Diagnostic and statistical manual for mental disorders. 5. Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Press; 2013.

MOST is available to young people in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales aged 12 to 25 who are receiving support from a participating headspace centre or specialist service.

If you’re aged between 12 and 14 you may be able to join MOST (with your parent or guardian’s permission) on a program just for your age group through a participating specialist service or a headspace centre. 

MOST will soon be available in the ACT.  

If you want to find out more, get in touch by email: [email protected] or phone 1800 00 MOST.

Yes – if you’re aged 12 to 25 and your service is offering MOST – you can sign up if you’re on a waitlist for face-to-face care, giving you access to immediate support ahead of your first clinical appointment. If you're aged 12 to 14 you must obtain permission from a parent or guardian.

MOST is designed to work in with your face-to-face care; so you can get started on a program of proven, personalised strategies and mental health resources – and the chance to connect with expert help when you need it – ahead of your in-person session.

Talk to your headspace centre or clinician for more information or get in touch with us by email: [email protected] or phone 1800 00 MOST.

Sometimes things go wrong, so we’re here to get you connected and making the most of MOST as quick as we can.

You can email us at [email protected] or phone 1800 00 MOST.

MOST has a moderated social network for young people to use. If the thought of being sociable online just isn’t for you, it’s a good thing MOST is all about supporting your mental health on your terms.

So, skip the social network and make the most of the hundreds of proven, personalised strategies and mental health resources – and the chance to connect with expert help when you need it – rather than feeling like you have to post anything.

We know it’s not for everyone, and that’s alright.

The social network is safe, inclusive and moderated, and it’s there if you do feel like reaching out to others who might be going through similar things to you, or even our peer workers. No expectations.