Meet our team

Meet our team

Craig Hodges – global project lead

Based with the World Economic Forum in Geneva, Craig is responsible for the development of the project, deliverables and overall project management; relationship and stakeholder management; interface with key international partners; oversight of related events and meetings and the link between the Forum and Orygen.

Professor Eóin Killackey – academic lead

Eóin is responsible for the development of the global youth mental health model with support from colleagues at Orygen; engagement with international research colleagues, and the broader academic and research sector; and oversight of the investment framework in partnership with consultants.

Vivienne Browne – government relations and advocacy lead

Vivienne is responsible for supporting the development of resources that translate this work for public and private sector audiences. This includes the economic briefing for governments, and the advocacy strategy and toolkit to support individuals and organisations in lobbying for increased investments in youth mental health.

Ella Gow - youth partnerships facilitator

Ella facilitates the engagement of young people, nationally and internationally in the project. She hosts regional consultation activities with young people and is the conduit for the engagement of the Forum’s Global Shapers Network in the project.

Peter Varnum – lead, global mental health

Peter is responsible for leading the development and execution of the project from the Forum’s side. He leads the Forum’s work on global mental health, developing and executing global-scale projects and fostering a multi-stakeholder community of actors focussed on the topic. His work includes developing this youth project as well as others related to mental health and cities, the workplace, and disruptive technology.

Steering group

The project is governed by a small steering group at Orygen consisting of: Professor Patrick McGorry (executive director), Associate Professor Rosemary Purcell (director of research and translation), Kerryn Pennell (director, strategy and development), Craig Hodges, Professor Eóin Killackey, Vivienne Browne, Ella Gow and two young people – Maddi O’Grady and Nataya Branjerdporn. This group regularly connects with the Forum’s Peter Varnum.