National Vocational Services

Orygen has developed a national vocational recovery strategy to deliver customised training and support to those working with young people with mental ill-health in the employment, career and education sectors. 

Why education and employment in youth mental health?

Young people with mental ill-health can experience severe disadvantage when accessing educational opportunities and employment.  Studies have shown that if vocational recovery is addressed early, it positively impacts on functional recovery in the longer term. Orygen has extensive experience researching, training and advising government and other sectors on best practice in this area and are now able to offer tailored support throughout Australia.

What we can offer:

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) model

  • Consultation on implementing IPS

  • Training to consultants and services in the IPS model

  • IPS fidelity reviews


  • A range of evidence-based implementation manuals

  • Mental health information help sheets

Structured mentoring for vocational specialists working with young people with mental ill-health

Our mentoring package is designed for delivery over 12 months and includes:

  • Case review and reflection with support on difficult clients

  • Strategies to improve vocational outcomes for young people with mental ill-health

  • Mini career development skill sessions to enhance knowledge of current industry trends


  • Webinars and training modules delivered through our learning management system

  • Workshops tailored to industry need and available throughout Australia

  • Post-graduate youth mental health courses through the University of Melbourne

Orygen is also able to provide a range of consultation services to assist individuals and organisations in your work in this area.

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Our staff

Gina ChinneryGina Chinnery is the National Vocational Services Manager at Orygen and has worked in the field of youth mental health and more broadly across the employment services sector for 15 years. She has been a key contributor to the development and evaluation of innovative vocational interventions for young people at Orygen and is lead author of the ‘Working it Out’ Vocational Manual.

Gina has extensive experience implementing the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) model of employment support and has internationally recognised training in providing IPS fidelity reviews. In 2015, Gina was awarded the Career Development Association of Australia’s (CDAA) Career Practitioner of the Year.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Completion of, and development work within Orygen’s mentoring and training packages may contribute to your annual Continuing Professional Development requirements for your career development association (for example, CDAA) membership. 

By your own determination, you will need to identify which of the seven career development competencies are addressed by the work and time associated with the package, and log that claim in your member record with your respective association – subject of course to any limitations applied by that association.