Trauma and trauma-informed care training for youth services

Our training program is designed to be conducted within services in order to bring about service-level change in how trauma is addressed. It is a modular program that can be adapted by services to meet their specific needs. It aims to give people working with young people the skills in assessing, forming an understanding of, and providing psycho-education for young people who have experienced trauma and are accessing services.

A training program can be built from the follow modules: 

  • Introduction to trauma and young people
  • What is trauma-informed care?
  • Safely screening for trauma and its effects
  • Managing safety when talking about trauma
  • Safe assessment of post-traumatic-stress disorder and dissociation
  • Providing trauma psycho-education
  • Case conceptualisation and formulation from a trauma perspective
  • Trauma and psychosis
  • Vicarious trauma and self-care for workers.

Please contact for further information on these training programs.