Cultural Strengthening Plan

Cultural Strengthening Plan

Orygen is committed to cultural strengthening – a process through which we can fulfil our responsibility to shape culturally safe mental health services for First Nations young people.

The aim of cultural safety is to remove systemic and other barriers that may obstruct care.

Orygen’s First Nations team, guided by the First Nations Advisory Group, developed the inaugural Orygen Cultural Strengthening Plan 2021-2025, and are leading its implementation.

The Cultural Strengthening Plan outlines principles that guide the way we work towards cultural safety, and sets out our cultural strengthening priorities and targets for the coming years.

Key aspects of this work include:

  • maintaining a collaborative and strengths-based approach to integrating First Nations resilience, knowledge and culture;
  • continuing to cultivate equitable and enduring partnerships with First Nations communities; and
  • investing in First Nations-developed, evidence-based tools and training for staff across the organisation.

As outlined in the Orygen Statement of Commitment to the First Nations of Australia, we are First Nations-led and ensure First Nations voices are platformed in the process of cultural strengthening.

Read the Orygen Cultural Strengthening Plan 2021-2025.