First Nations Advisory Group

First Nations Advisory Group

‘Honey ants and the rivers of hope to sharing knowledge’, 2018. Artwork by Emrhan Tjapanangka Sultan, 2018

Orygen’s First Nations of Australia Advisory Group provides strategic advice to Orygen, based on the collective experience and knowledge of current and emerging realities and needs in First Nations communities.

The group aims to promote First Nations collaboration in the development and implementation of any initiatives, policies or actions that may affect the lives of First Nations young people.

The group’s contribution ensures Orygen is culturally appropriate, effective and meets the needs of First Nations peoples.

You can learn more about the role and responsibilities of the group by reading the First Nations of Australia Advisory Group Terms of Reference HERE.

expression of interest

We currently are currently seeking expressions of interest for new members to join the group and encourage both Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander elders and youth to apply.

To be considered you must identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander and be able to demonstrate experience and understanding of cultural norms in working with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities.

How to apply

To apply please submit a brief description of your background (language group/Nation) and your reason for wanting to be a part of the advisory group.

All applications can be sent to The First Nations team at Orygen: [email protected]